Magnetoceptia_Klankvorm_Photo by Pieter Kers I Beeld.nu

Magnetoceptia – Maria de’ Medici & Maria Stuart at Klankvorm presents Mechanism on December 14 in Pink Pank, Rotterdam (NL)


We are happy to announce that Magnetoceptia – Maria de’ Medici and Maria Stuart will be presented at the nocturnal edition ‘Mechanism’ as part of ‘Klankvorm’, in Pink Pank Rotterdam, on December 14th 2018. More info: http://klankvorm.nl/agenda/klankvorm-presents-mechanism

Almost a year ago already, our performance ‘Maria de’ Medici and Maria Stuart in ‘Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Lapa’, as part of Festival Novas Frequências 2017, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.




Check out our new documentation video of our piece ‘Signaller#CQ‘, a 4 hours long nocturnal performance during ‘Echoes Festival’ as part of מקודשת Mekudeshet مقدسة in the Valley of the Cross in Jeruzalem, Israël on August 31 2017.