Next Month we’ll present our latest performance ‘Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance’ in Timișoara, Romania, as part of Simultan Festival 2019



Magnetoceptia is mentioned in a lecture by Jorge Barco at ‘Festival de Ruido y Política’, an event focusing on politics and noise in Bogotá. “Artistic practices linked to sound have opened multiple paths for questioning paradigms, expanding the languages ​​of art, and critically reflecting on technologies and society. Noise, as an extramusical, prelinguistic and presubjective sound manifestation, puts its materiality in the foreground to disturb the meanings and open up to something different. Beyond the sonic forces with rough textures … machines, disruption, improvisation, interference, failure, altered senses, lack of control, divergence, technosjamanism, short circuit, chance, DIY and hardcore aesthetics; we make noise because we enjoy it and we conjure rituals with it; electromagnetism, geomagnetism, quantum and acoustic waves, resonating in the cosmos on physical and metaphysical scales. In this performance conference on Noise we will take a tour of different sound break proposals highlighting their antisystemic and ritual character.



A selection of photos of our show at Gaudeamus in Tivolivredenburg Utrecht (NL), as part of the iii program. Photos by Juri Hiensch. Big thanks to Matteo Marangoni / iii for organising, Juri Hiensch for the photos, Daan Johan for the technical support and STROOM Den Haag for the financial contribution.