“Magnetoception: a sense which allows an organism to detect a magnetic field to perceive direction, altitude or location.”

Magnetoceptia is a series of performances and installations in which self constructed antenna-based costumes pick up electromagnetic fields and other invisble phenomenas
and make them audible through electronic sound.

The project is an investigation on different sonic and material properties of natural environments contrasting with urban landscapes,
and a visualization of physical phenomenas that primarily appear to be invisible for the human gaze. Extensions of our rudimentary animal senses are being developed to make those phenomenas perceivable.

The experienced sound is modulated by the positions and movements of the performers, relative to the space and each other.

The project necessitates an involved participation and the object or event under consideration is by necessity considered not as an artefact but in its dynamic production that involves the performer/listener as intersubjectively constituted in perception, while producing the very thing he perceives, and both, the subject and the work thus generated concomitantly, are as transitory as eachother.

Magnetoceptia is operating a process of continuous adaptation to the venues and platforms where it manifests itself for a singular occurance after which it falls apart again in its recombinable fragments. Those can merge into various different shapes, to another immersive multi-sensorial experiece of its own kind.

Responding to and arising from the configuration the specific spatial situation during the execution of the performance. our sonic, visual and material archive consists of a variety of recombinable fragments which can melt into different shapes and arise from the unique characteristics of the specific area where it has been developed. consisting of synergetic merging elements that are influencing eachother the live performances are inseparably interwoven with the physical and sonic properties that are characteristic for the location.

Magnetoceptia is a collaborative project by Dewi de Vree and Patrizia Ruthensteiner