Patrizia Ruthensteiner (1989* Vienna) is an Austrian artist whose work trajects from costume-based performance art to electronic music. Process-based, kinetic, transformative, and sound-generating wearables which codetermine the choreography are integral elements of her artwork.

She creates audiovisual compositions in which sounds derive from the performative actions, performers become the instrument relating to the space and eachother, predetermined valuations of subjectivity and physical form are pushed into absurdity.

Aiming to redefine the common idea of stage and catwalk, she keeps on challenging established platforms of representation. Strongly characterized by it´s cross-disciplinary approach her work has been presented internationally through various venues of different disciplines – in Galleries, Concert Spaces and Industrial Halls, aswell as a Masonic Centre, Church, Rooftop, Lagoon, and a Harbor.

She has been collaborating with different performance artists and collectives, such as MONSTERFRAU (2013) and Saint Genet (2015/2017) and presenting Solo Productions at Brighton- and NY Fashion Week. In collaboration with Dewi De Vree (NLD) she has initiated the project ‘Magnetoceptia’, which involves antenna-based costumes that pick up radiowaves site-specifically and make them audible through electronic sounds. The duo has realized performances, productions, videoworks, Installions and workshops in The Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal, Jerusalem and Rio de Janeiro, exploring different cultural backgrounds.


Dewi de Vree (1983) is a media artist from The Netherlands dealing with the sensual experience of physical experiments. With a background in the visual arts and her fascination for the interaction between man and machine, she’s been making different translating-machines, sound interfaces, performances and installations.

Examples of her work include Elektrolab, a sound performance based on electrochemistry, Thermokoppel, a live sound-performance based on the relation between temperature and the acoustic properties of metal and Ground, an audiovisual performance in which graphite drawings are used as a control interface for several electronic instruments. At the moment she is working on Magnetoceptia, a series of performances and installations around antenna-costumes together with Patrizia Ruthensteiner (AT).

She is initiator and organizer at experimental art and music venue Stichting Centrum – ‘Villa K’ and part of Instrument Inventors Initiative ‘iii’ and artist collective ‘Helicopter’ in The Hague (NL)