Born under the stars of punk , Dada, Fluxus and hacktivism, WORM (Rotterdam, nl) is the blue-blooded bastard child of an impossible love between avant-garde recreation, DIY and sustainability.

De Player

DE PLAYER is a polymorhpic production platform in Rotterdam (nl), which has been putting together programs on the cutting edge of performance art, experimental music and the visual arts.


International exhibition platform based in Amsterdam with a focus on possible worlds on the cross points of art, science and nature

Synergetica Lab

Synergetica is an art-science laboratory, investigating photonics, fluid dynamics, acoustics, quantum chemistry and psychophysics.


Sign is an interdisciplinairy national stage for contemporary, experimental art based in Groningen (NL)


Helicopter is an artist collective with atelier spaces and a performance room located in the Moerwijk neighborhood of Den Haag, the Netherlands.


Quartiair, place for production, presentation and artistic debate based in The Hague (NL)

Rotterdam Radio Museum

Radio Museum in Rotterdam (NL) with a unique collection of radio- television- reception- communication- electronic registration- and computer equipment


Association for experimental radio research in the Netherlands

Marine shop Scheveningen

Little shop in Scheveningen (NL) with a unique collection of original marine goods