Crinolettes | Gyration Resistance – Gaudeamus Festival, Tivolivredenburg Utrecht (NL)

Magnetoceptia’s ‘Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance’ joined Gaudeamus Festival in Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht (NL) on Sept 7 2019, as part of the Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii) program.

The site-specific radio-ballet is based on transformative antennas which are a reinterpretation of the historical female clothing element the ‘Crinoline’, a hooped cage initially worn under petticoats, which now functions as a physical extension of the performer’s bodies and technological expansion of the human senses – shifting symbols of restriction into emancipatory tools of liberation. The rotating spheres receive site-specific electromagnetic waves which are processed as raw sound material into a musical composition. The signals are dependent on the position of the performers relating to the space and each other.

Big thanks to iii / Matteo Marangoni for organising this and Stroom Den Haag for the financial support.

Photos by Juri Hiensch