Magnes the Shepherd


‘… and he is said to have found it when the nails of his shoes and the ferrule of his staff adhered to it, as he was pasturing his herds.’

Derived from the legend of Magnes the Shepherd, who is said to first have discovered Magnetite ore on Mount Ilda, this rite of passage started from the monastery of Nossa Senhora, Serra do Pilar in Porto, January 2017. ‘Magnes the Shepherd’ by Magnetoceptia is an initiation ceremony to support the detachment of the former self by self-magnitification to enter and dissolve into the territory of Magnetism. The exposure of a magnetic ‘Stecker’, an element of the 17th century corset, to an electromagnetic field causes the moleculesto align themselves with the field, so that the circulation of the blood and the organism as a whole become magnetized, where-after all the rusty treasures excavated from the dust will stick to her red velvet chest. A transitional phase between states, where-after the hero returns to enrich the world with his discoveries.

Magnes the Shepherd is developed with the support of Sonoscopia, Porto.