The Signaller#CQ – Hedim Festival, Valley of the Cross, Jeruzalem (IR)

מקודשת Mekudeshet مق – Echoes Festival, Valley of the Cross, Jeruzalem (IR) ’17


The 4 hours long site-specific sound performance of Magnetoceptia in Jerusalem has been presented at ‘Echoes Festival’ on August 31 2017 in the Valley of the Cross,
as part of מקודשת Mekudeshet مقدسة.

It has been developed in collaboration with the Tzofim scout movement, which maintains its headquarters in the Valley of the Cross.
On top of a wooden radio tower that has been constructed by the scouts, signals of the international shortwave band have been captured by the receiver, wearing a self-built antenna construction that has functioned as a physical extension towards the sky.
Flag semaphore has served as optical commands for the scouts to distribute the received signals all over the valley and pervade the whole area with global hidden signals.
Within a self-invented symbolic framework, the scouts actions and rituals will be alienated and merged into a new vocabulary which consists of a repartoir of gestures,
favouring the distribution of those hidden signals and unheard voices.
A composition has been developed, that combines these movements into a choreographed performance.
Throughout this durational nighttime event the antenna´s reach has been increased by the scouts wire construction,
through which the range of reception has gradually undergone an audible change.

Special thanks to Ayelet Givoni, Amir Bolzman, Aya Gavriel, Daniel Nahmias, Martin Loecker and many more.


Photos from Video shot by Snir Kazir.




Photos by Magnetoceptia