The Kinematic Loom of Orbit – Quartair (Den Haag, NLD)

The Kinematic Loom of Orbit is a site-specific recreation of a sonic performance that has taken place in a former Sovjet Silo in Estonia 2016.

As the original sound has primarily been a result of the signals bouncing back from the stone walls of the Silo, highly concentrated and enhanced in this reverberating container, the experienced sound is each time influenced by the acoustic properties of the specific spatial structure in which this installative setting is created and performed.

The performance incorporates a Soviet Loom transformed into a wearable antenna receiver, two persons in constrained position in the center of a velvet prayer-rug, vested with Estonian sheep costumes. They are performing their actions in circular motion, composed in such a way as to merge into a perpetuating apparatus.

The sounds are caused by two orbiting signal sources (electrical motors), interfering with each other and creating a superposition of waves, intangibly affecting the cross-shaped electromagnetic antennas incorporated into the loom, that transform the signals into electronic sounds that are being modulated electronically.

The integral mechanism is caused by the dynamic interaction of various constants with limited room for maneuvre. The input of the singular elements to the whole system is dependant upon each other’s position and determined by the spatial and material elements.