Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance – Club Radiokoje 2019 (Vienna, AT)

‘Crinolettes – Gyration Resistance’ has been presented for the first time during the event Club Radiokoje 2019 on june 22 at the public pool ‘Kongreßbad’ in Vienna (AT), a series of concerts, sound installations and dance events in public pools, organised by Czirp Czirp – experimental & sonic arts.

The site-specific radio-ballet is based on transformative antennas which are a reinterpretation of the historical female clothing element the ‘Crinoline’, a hooped cage initially worn under petticoats, which now functions as a physical extension of the performer’s bodies and technological expansion of the human senses – shifting symbols of restriction into emancipatory tools of liberation. The rotating spheres receive site-specific electromagnetic waves which are processed as raw sound material into a musical composition. The signals are dependent on the position of the performers relating to the space and each other.

Supported by Stroom Den Haag and Stimuleringsfonds.
Thanks to Daan Johan, ‘Wire Weaving Dinxperlo’ and Arbeitsplatz Wien.

Photos by Stephan Brueckler