Magnetoceptia is a series of performances and installations in which self­ constructed
antenna-­based costumes pick up electromagnetic fields and translate them into electronic sounds.

The exhibition ‘Magnetocepetia at the Glasshouse’ is the realisation of a synergetic, utopian, multinational Dutch-­Austrian­-Estonian environment, in the shape of a self­altering installation that can be experienced progressively during the whole period of the exhibition.

Multiple performances with sound ­generating antenna-­based costumes will highlight different states of the transformation process while the immersive installation will gradually reveal itself.

The exhibition expands over two rooms in which different environments are created throughthe fusion of selected elements from the countries in which three different episodes of the site-­specific project Magnetoceptia have been developed so far.

Those self­ contained cosmoses are generated from re-contextualized elements that are representative for the respective country, and the configuration of the man­-made devices and constructions adopting to the pre­existing landscape of the country itself.

The synergetic environment is a fusion of sound, site­-specific material and the essential aspect of movement through the material transformation during the long-­term ­exhibition, while the audience becomes an active physical part of the installation alongside the presence of three sound ­generating costumes during the absence of the actual wearer itself.

A wooden path, such as it can be found in Estonian bogs, is recreated from one of the most european materials in the dutch gallery space in the midst of the Amstelpark. Dutch Earth, covered by Europallets that function as an installative catwalk from which the audience can experience an amalgamation of sounds and video projections that have been recorded in Austria and Estonia.

Accompanied by two sound­-generating costumes that function as Antenna receivers, created in Vienna and constructed from materials that have been sourced from there.

In the core of the space, where the opening performance will take place, the floor is entirely covered with dutch stones and a velvet carpet. It is a recreation of a former Silo in Estonia, which refers to the performance ‘The Kinematic Loom Of Orbit’ that has taken place there in October 2015, based on a former Sovjet Loom that functions as a wearable instrument which is played during the sound performance, working with the acoustics of the Silo.